Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

town house crackers

My favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend is on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Of course I love the big day with its golden roasted turkey, gleaming bowls of ruby red cranberries, and long tables filled with relatives you only see once a year, but I prefer the following day. I love Black Friday because of two reasons: the shopping and the leftovers.

Tangy Turkey Caper Recipe

Friday lunch is usually a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner. Something so good, so lovingly prepared should definitely be had more than once. But later in the day, I am ready for something different, and so is the ragtag bunch of brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews still milling around. By then the leftover turkey has been fairly picked over and it’s the perfect time to thrill the dwindling crowd with a day-after-Thanksgiving snack: Tangy Turkey Caper. These are easy recipes to feed a crowd for a day of parade watching and football cheering.

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